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Is all cheese halal?

In relation to cheese, doubts arise among the Muslim community: is all cheese halal? Is it permissible to eat any cheese?

What is a halal product?

A product called halal is one that is authorized by Islamic laws. Only halal products can be consumed. In relation to cheese there is a lack of knowledge since it is thought that when they bring milk from cow, goat or sheep, they are directly halal.

Is the cheese halal?

We are not going to enter into religious justification since we are not experts. However, and in a basic way, it is important to emphasize that to make cheeses it is necessary to use rennet. This rennet or enzyme allows the coagulation of the curdled milk. In addition, other ingredients are usually incorporated.

All the ingredients must to have a known and accepted origin. Where some controversy may arise is in relation to the rennet. This can be from microbial enzymes (accepted directly as halal) but which are mainly used to make fresh cheeses.

Also the rennet may be of vegetable origin or of animal origin (mainly calf or goat). In any case, the rennet that is used must be halal certified and the origin must be known in detail. Not all halal certified cheeses their ingredients.

At present, there are numerous organizations that allow numerous foods to be certified as halal. For this reason it is not necessary to eat any cheese because there are halal certified cheeses in many supermarkets at very competitive prices.

Can non-Muslims eat halal cheese?

Without a doubt, they can eat it. Moreover, in many countries consumers value the seal of halal and even kosher certification, regardless of their religion. The reason is that there is a confidence that the ingredients are known and their origin has been verified, as well as leading to more documented and supervised processes (one of the reasons that prices are somewhat higher).

Our company, however, maintains very high standards of quality of the ingredients. That is why we are the ones who collect the milk directly from the farmers and select the best one every day. We have a dairy cattle farm that allows us to make excellent blend cheeses and internationally awarded. Those high levels of demand in our daily work is what has allowed us to achieve national and international awards and also certify halal, and perhaps in the future also kosher.

We produce halal cheeses with the brand Nu’m Premium Cheese.


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